Our Story


3Sixty Jeep Club was founded by a collective of individuals who were initially brought together by their shared love for Jeeps in their local community. What began as a simple friendship quickly developed into a strong bond. With this unbreakable connection, of a few friends the concept of 3Sixty was born, aiming to not only serve their immediate area but also the neighboring communities. This club is dedicated to providing support, assistance, and a sense of unity to all Jeep enthusiasts in the region. Whether it's organizing events, participating in charity drives, or simply offering a helping hand to fellow Jeep owners, 3Sixty is committed to fostering a strong local community and extending their family spirit to all those who share their passion for these iconic vehicles.

How 3Sixty Came to Be

Community work is at the core of our mission, but one of the most exciting aspects is getting to know new Jeep clubs and their members. Whether it's embarking on an exhilarating adventure or organizing a fundraising event, 3Sixty members always find joy and camaraderie in spending time with fellow Jeepers. When we're not busy raising funds or gathering essential items for our communities, we take pleasure in exploring thrilling trails, attending vibrant festivals, and enjoying delicious meals together. We wholeheartedly welcome new members who share the same dedication to their communities and have a deep passion for Jeeps.